Ues Style With HTML Element

CSS Property apply in html element by 3 method

1 : Inline CSS

2 : Internal CSS

3 : External CSS

Inline CSS

Inline css property use within the html tag

Inline css property are more effective than internal css and external css property

Inline css syntax is style attribute


In output heading color is blue

The good experience to use css is external css file or internal css

Internal CSS

Internal css code write in same file . Internal css write within a style tag

syntax of internal css

<style> /* your code */ </style>


Internal css code example

When use inetrnal css the CSS  code readability is much better

External css

External css that mean all css code written in a separate file . File extention is .css

Maximum Web Developer use a external css file . it more better to modify and reusability

HTML file name is index.html

External css file name is style.css

External css no need to use style tag

One more time . I recomended to use external css  

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