HTML Comment

HTML comment help to update html code to new developer

Comment stop the code execution

Comment not display in webpage

Example 01

<!-- this is html comment -->

<h1> Hello this is html heading </h1>

<p> This is paragraph tag <b> use comment </b></p>

<!--******* how stop h2 tag effect in web page ******-->

<!--   <h2> this is h2 heading tag</h2> -->

Try above code

Note : HTML has only one  type of comment  <!--  code block --> and this single comment use both in single line and multiple line

Example 02


<h1> HTML have only one type comment </h1>

<!-- Both are used for single line and multiple line -->

<p>comment help to update code to new developer</p>



Note : Stop HTML element tag execution

Tips : If you write html element inside comment the element not display in web browser ( this is + point of comment tag)

Example 03


<!-- <p> This is multi line comment </p>

<p> comment not show in web browser</p> -->

<p> fast2learnig recommended to use comment in page  </p>


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