Html tags known as html element .it define opening and closing tag html5 have more element

HTML element

  1. Maximum html element have opening and closing tag

<element _name> content inside html element tag </element_name>


<h1>This is my first h1 heading  tag</h1>

<h2>This is my first h2 heading tag</h2>

<p>This is my first paragraph tga </p>


This is my first h1 heading tag

This is my first h2 heading tag

This is my first paragraph tag

Nested HTML Elements

HTML element that can be nested (that mean it contains other html element)

All HTML document consist nested element


Example explained

  • <html> it is nested element .it always know as nested element or root element
  • <head> it is nested element
  • <body> it is also nested element

HTML Element not case sensetive

  1. HTML element not a case sensetive


 HTML Element are case insensetive that mean it working both Lower-Case and Upper-Case

All browser support both Lower-case and Upper-case