HTML Text Formating

HTML contains several element that change text formating


This is bold text

This is italic text

This is subscript and superscript

HTML Formating Element

  1. <b> - Bold text
  2. <strong> - Important text
  3. <i> - Italic text
  4. <em>- Emphasized text
  5. <mark> - Marked text
  6. <small> - Small text
  7. <del> -  Deleted text
  8. <ins> - Inserted text
  9. <sub> - Subscript text
  10. <sup>  Superscript text

HTML <b> and <strong> Element

The both <b> and <strong> Element  make text bold but <b> element used to text bold and it not important

<strong> also make text bold . The bolded text have importance meaning


<b> This is bold element </b>

<b> This text inside bold </b>


This is bold element

This text inside bold


<strong> Element

<strong> This is strong text</strong>

<strong> This is strong element </strong>


This is strong text

This is strong element

HTML <i> and <em> element

word closing by <i></i> tag make word apper in italic form

The <i> element also represent  a selection of text that would be said in difference way from surrounded content  - such as technical terms names of ships , foreign word ,thought  or other term that would usally be italicized


<i>hello word </i>

<i> text inside this is italic </i>


hello word

text inside this is italic

Note - <em> element define emphasided text but both <i> and <em> text formating same

HTML  <small> Element

The html small element make text size small than normal size

HTML <mark> Element

HTML mark  element define text be marked or highlighted  i.e  ( text background color change )

Note : By default background-color yellow


<mark> This is mark text </mark>


This is mark text

HTML <del> Element

HTML -  del element define text are deleted and have no meaning

Other HTML elemet try self