HTML input Tag

HTML  input tag create to take input value from user

Generally input tag use in form Tag

Change input tag behaviour by changing  type attribute value

input type Text

input type text is used to display input in normal form

Example 01

<input type=" text" name=" username">

Try above code

input type Password

input type password is used to fill password that user enter value not in readable form

Example 02

<input type="password" name=" password">

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input type file

input type file is used to select file (image file , audio file , vedio file)

Example 03

this is heading tag

<input type=" file" name="file">

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input type submit

Input type submit is used to submit data one file to an other file

In simple form you can say send data one file to another file it is possible in php file

<input type="submit" name=" submit">

Try above code

input type search

input type used to create a search bar in web page

search type query display in browser url bar

Example 04

<input type="search" name="search">

Try above code

NOTE : maximum use of input field in form tag and form tag used to submit file in php