JavaScript Console

Console is used to log the information about variables , array , object ,prototype ,debugging ,overwrite variable data or assign data at a real time and log message in Browsers


/** display properties and methods of array *//


How to open console in browsers

In the most browser , the javascript console integrated within the Developer Tools .

1 - Chrome

Open console in chrome browser

window / Linux  -  Ctrl + Shift + I

Mac Os -  Cmd +Opt + J

2 - Firefox

Open console in firefox browser

window  /  Linux  -  Ctrl + Shift +I

Mac Os -  Cmd + Opt +K

3 - Edge and Internet Explorer

open console in Edge and Internet explorer from Developer Tools

4 - Safari

Before opening console in safari . you need to check Developer menu enable or not if Developer menu not enable , then go to preferences and advanced setting and at the bottom to clicked Developer menu

after enable this Developer tool to press   -  Cmd + Option + C

5 - Opera

open console in opera browser.

Press  - Ctrl + Shift + I

Browsers debugging console is generally used by Developers to identify errors , understanding code flow and execution , expand prototype , log object property and its methods