Java Script is web base programming language JavaScript language are more powerful

By JavaScript you can make website more attractive and manupulate html element

JavaScript set or remove html element in web page

Example 01

 <!-- *********** This is index.html file *************-->


 <p id="demo"> Hey  I am testing javascript in  paragraph tag </p>

 <!--- ****************** you write script before the end of body or inside head tag *****-->

 <script type="text/javascript">

 /* ******* I find text inside paragraph by help of  javascript*********/

 var text = document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML;




NOTE : If you do not know about console.

1 - if you are use mozila then you press ctrl+shift+k .

2 - if you are use chrome  you find right side 3 dottes click then go more tools  then click developer tools.

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